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Frequently asked questions

The life expectancy of Robinia Timber Wood in an untreated form is the following:

  • Contact with soil outdoors | 25-40 years
  • Not in contact with soil outdoors | 80-100 years
  • Dry and under water | 400 years or over

Dylan Group offers a 15 year guarantee on all it’s Robinia Timber Products against rot or decay.

There have been some reports that state Robinia may be potentially noxious however these studies state that it’s only the bark that is harmful and too a much lesser extent, the seeds and leaves. If vast amounts of bark or seeds were to be consumed, it may cause nausea and vomiting along with stomach-ache and pains, diarrhea could also be a symptom. That said, cases are extremely rare.

NOTE: It’s important to emphasise that both the bark and sap wood are removed as standard from all Dylan Group’s Robinia timber products so there is no risk of poisoning.

The Dylan Group and its suppliers support the sourcing of FSC® timber for its constructions. The Robinia Timber wood used by Dylan Group originates from forests that are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified.

Dylan Group License Number: FSC® C007915 with Certificate number: INT-COC-005535.431

Dylan Group can supply FSC® Certified Robinia Hardwood Poles, Sawn Cut Boards & Planks, Waney Edge, Decking and Shingles / Shakes.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01730 779709 or send us an email.

Robinia timber (Black Locust / False Acacia) wood is extremely hard, resistant to rot and durable, making it a prized resource for furniture making, flooring, panelling, architectural designs and various play equipment. The wood can be hand crafted to make a variety of designs that are unique and totally bespoke. The architectural structures, designs and equipment can be manufactured to specifically harmonise perfectly with the natural environment, thus utilising this hardwood timber to its maximum potential.

Unique Benefits and Features:

  • Every piece of Robinia Timber supplied by the Dylan Group will be totally unique and bespoke
  • Each piece can be designed to harmonise with the natural environment
  • Robinia is a rapidly growing hardwood (mature in 30 years)
    It is a very tactile and durable timber
  • The Robinia timber does not need to be treated with any chemicals or preservatives
  • Creates large, chunky, quality solutions
  • Dylan Group guarantees Robinia Timber Poles against rot for 15 years
  • Dylan Group guarantees Robinia Timber Sawn Cut Timbers against rot for 5 years